Factors to Consider When Buying a CPAP Pillow

A long-standing deficiency of sleep can affect our total well-being. Our physical and mental health is in peril when we are regularly deprived of the quality of sleep. There can also be manifestations in our emotional and social lives. These are the things that an individual with sleep apnea is predisposed to because of the intermittent stopping of breathing that causes him to have poor quality sleep. The intermittent stopping of breathing causes the individual to snore, which can also affect family members to have poor quality sleep. You need to visit a specialist when manifestations are becoming more pronounced

CPAP machines are invented as an intervention device for sleep apnea. But while it may ease out airways and reduce snoring, some individuals find it hard to adjust to it. They find it uncomfortable wearing these machines. To minimize the discomfort and induce sleep, individuals with sleep apnea are encouraged to use a CPAP pillow during sleep.

When choosing a CPAP pillow, visit medical supplies stores and go over some brands to be able to compare and select the best. Here are some factors that should be prioritized to assure you that you are taking home the right one.


To provide comfort is the reason CPAP pillows are made. Any brand that does not offer comfort should be taken out of your potential choices. There are many factors that affect the degree of comfort provided by a pillow. One of them is design.

CPAP pillows that have a concave center offers the most comfort. It also relieves pressure from the ear. This prevents ear pain when sleeping for an extended time. The CPAP pillow should also be hypoallergenic so that it will not irritate the skin.

Materials Used

The materials used can also make a CPAP more comfortable, more durable, and firmer. Choosing CPAP pillows with memory foams assures you that your pillow will not sag sometime soon. It is firm but soft and breathable, which makes it cooler.

Choose pillows that are also used for hypoallergenic and mite-resistant materials. The CPAP pillow that don’t use hypoallergenic materials will surely not help induce quality sleep if you get irritations when sleeping on it.


It may be wiser to choose a double-sided CPAP pillow than a one-sided brand. This is because you can use the other side when one side is wet with your drooling, which can be the result when first using a CPAP machine. You may also need to air wash your pillow often.

You should also check if the pillow has a removable cover to ensure hygiene and check for any leaks before zeroing in on one brand.