Calisthenics Vs Weights – What Should You Choose?

Do you want to build a perfect body that women will crave for? Maybe you are aiming to achieve your fitness goals. The truth is that you will need an effective workout routine to build mass and muscle strength. However, who wins when it comes to calisthenics vs weights? All these are effective forms of strength training. They can help you boost stamina, develop stronger muscles, and even strengthen your bones and joints.


This is a strength fitness specialty that pays attention to the way you use the bodyweight to improve flexibility and build strength. You may be surprised to learn that you have practiced it without knowing. That is because the activity involves performing lunging, lifting, pulling, and pushing movements with little or no equipment. This offers a lot of advantages as you can work out at the office, at home, or even when drinking at a bar.

Some of the common exercises include push-ups, lunges, and crunches. Ideally, they can be done anywhere. Fitness maniacs and gurus suggest to include calisthenics in most gym activities.


Weight lifting is conditional training that includes lifting weights to build endurance and strength. The truth is that weight lifting is a thing to help you gain the admiration and love of attractive women. Fitness enthusiasts argue that weight lifting is the best way to get a well-sculpted physique.

What to Choose

It is quite easy to get started with calisthenics. Start by doing sit-ups in front of the desk and then perform some crunches as soon as you reach home. Ideally, you have the freedom to train when and where you like. You do not have to hit the gym unless you are after achieving certain goals.

Also, starting weight lifting does not have to be difficult. You ought to invest in the right set of dumbbells and follow a well-thought-out training routine. With weight lifting, you should not expect to get outstanding results just by training at home. That is because building body mass by weight training needs excellent knowledge of routines and exercise series. For instance, you ought to know the perfect time to train with your muscles.

Thus, if you want to achieve training flexibility, you do not have to spend your cash on gym subscriptions; instead, try calisthenics. When it comes to endurance, calisthenics also wins. That is because it is more extensive as compared to weight lifting. Remember that calisthenics is not exercising to exhaustion but rather to building core strength.