dog exercising

Importance of Keeping Your Dog Health

Dog health is something that most dog owners ought to be aware of because if they are not, they risk raising a sick pet and even reducing its lifespan.

Recognize Signs of Obesity

You can easily determine whether your dog requires to be placed on a diet by feeling its ribs. It is advisable to apply a small amount of pressure on the rib area. Also, you can monitor its breathing habits. For instance, if the dog is panting nonstop, or it has to lay down after an exercise, then there is a high chance that it is obese. In such a case, you need to act to rectify the problem immediately.

If you cannot help the dog to shed excess body weight, then this may result in many health issues. Do you know that obesity in dogs can lead to increased blood pressure and heart disease? It is unfortunate that most dog owners realize these issues when it is too late.

You should note that obesity is not discriminatory, and it can affect any type of dog regardless of their breed, size, or shape. One thing you should understand is that if you feed your dog cookies, then it will gain a lot of weight.

How to Defeat Dog Obesity

Making your dog exercise is a good way of fighting obesity. You need to get your dog out there and have fun. Take the dog for a walk and let it enjoy the scenery and even some sunshine. If going for walks is not your thing, then you could try getting a tennis ball and play with it.

Also, when you get your dog out more often, it can run and play. However, you should monitor it to prevent it from running away. Playing with your pet is not only important for its health, but it also knows that it is loved. If you do not have adequate time to spend with your dog, then you should look for a dog exercise company.

There are also different toys that can help keep your dog in shape. Your dog can pull, chew, and drag the toy. Ensure you get a toy that is durable. Fortunately, many dog toys are built to last and are available for all dog sizes.