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Ways in Which Hemp Oil Is Used for Pain

Hemp oil has many uses in the human body, and one of the primary benefits is relieving pain. When we talk about hemp oil, sometimes we refer to CBD oil, but the two are different based on the hemp part from which they are extracted. CBD oil comes from stalks, leaves, and flowers of the hemp plant; it has a higher CBD concentration. On the other hand, hemp oil is extracted from the seeds.

However, given both are from the same plant, people treat them as the same thing, plus they both contain the cannabidiol compound. Besides, it would best when buying hemp oil for relieving pain, to buy from reliable vendors to purchase quality products.

Below are some ways in which CBD is used for pain :

Relieving Arthritis Pain

cbd for arthritis painA 2016 study tested the use of CBD for arthritis pain. The researcher administered CBD gel to arthritic rats for four days in a row. The rats were divided into several groups that received CBD doses of either 0.6, 3.1, 6.2 or 62.3 mg daily. The researchers observed reduced inflammation and general pain in the affected rat’s joints. And they did not notice any side effects. The optimal dose was noted to be 6.2 mg /day as it was enough to reduce the pain, but 0.6mg and 3.1mg didn’t relieve pain, and 62.3mg had the same effect as 6.2mg. Therefore, the study shows the anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects of CBD may potentially reduce pain among people with arthritis. But more human studies are needed.

CBD Oil for Relieving Migraines

There is inadequate research on the use of CBD oil to treat migraines, and even the available ones are for CBD paired with THC, but not for CBD on its own. All the same, a 2017 study shows that when CBD is used alongside THC, it can lead to less intense and less acute migraine pains. The combination also worked for participants in the study who had cluster headaches, but only those who had a migraine history in their childhood.

Use of CBD Oil for Relief from Cancer Treatment

Some cancer patients also rely on CBD oil. According to research observations,the use of CBD causes the shrinking of cancerous cells in mice. But most studies involving humans have investigated the use of CBD in managing pain associated with cancer and cancer treatment. According to the National Cancer Institute, CBD is a potential option for alleviating chemotherapy side effects like vomiting, pain, and appetite loss. However, more research on the use of CBD oil for cancer treatment is still needed.